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New "Name Your Price" Option from Sunspot Vacation Rentals

(News Item #0287, Published: 10/05/13, Author: William Victor May, Sunspots.info)

Travelers who have flexibility in their dates and destination can now get low prices and big selection. The Sunspot Vacation Rental Network has announced is "Name Your Price" program available form all network members.

Guests can go online to any Sunspot Members website to indicate their travel plans and rate they would like to pay after which the Sunspots reservation team hunt to find the best vacation rental home at the very best price. Travelers with flexible dates

"Some travelers have absolute requirements for dates and locations, but when they are flexible we can often find a much lower price for them, " said Josh Dettweiller, one of the network members. "Last minute reservations can get great deals and low season or shoulder season stays can be much lower than high season."

Upon receipt of the traveler's name your price entry, the requirements are matched with available properties, rates and dates. In some cases, permissions is gained to discount the property.

"Even the best houses in the best locations, sometimes have unsold dates," noted Dettweiller. Managers and owners are motivated to give guests a better deal rather to let the house set vacant. So we can notify the guest of one or more properties that meet their criteria."

To Name Your Price go to www.Sunspots.info or any member's website to get started. They can also be telephoned or call the network reservations at 888-628-8989.

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Sunspots is a network of independently operated vacation rental management companies located in the Northwest United States plus Hawaii and British Columbia. The group was started in 1999 and now represents hundreds of properties in ocean, mountain, desert, lake and urban locations. Contact Josh Dettwiller, SunspotVacationRentals.com 888-628-8989.

The Name Your Price program can not guarantee homes will be available at the guest's desired price. But the goal is to find a perfect match everytime.